Jobs and careers at OVOX

  1. OVOX GmbH was founded to provide its customers with professional services in the areas of Leading, IT and Engineering. Professional services = professional + services, meaning we are serving our customers and we are fully professional. The primary goal is not to make you happy with this work, but to provide the customer with the service and thus to earn your livelihood.

  2. What you must do in your job is predefined. Some things you can decide for yourself. Working at OVOX is about achieving best possible result for the customer, not about the everyone realizing their personal ideas or pursuing their personal preferences.

  3. Your work is usually routine. It’s repetitive. That's why you're good at performing your job and that is why OVOX wants to hire you.

  4. Because you do your work well, it will be fun doing it and you will get positive feedback. Because your work is fun, you will like to do it and will get better in doing it. Because you will be better, your work will be more fun every day.

  5. Your work has a meaning for society, because it satisfies a social need. Therefore, there exists a demand for what we do. It is not the task of your job to bring a meaning into your life, which your life wouldn’t have without your job.

  6. You do not have to burn in passion for your job. It is important that you deliver good work results and that you deliver them fast. Commitment and passion are wonderful, but not indispensable.

  7. When working with OVOX and our customers, you will not only find nice, well-educated people, but the entire range that exists in our society. To get along with all of them is part of your task.

  8. OVOX highly appreciates normal people, who do their work normally every day without making a song and dance about it, without attitudes and without hot air. These people - and not the others - are the ones that keep OVOX , our customers and ultimately the entire society running smoothly.

  9. OVOX pays you for this work. An employment relationship is an exchange of labor for money. Labor = Performance * Time. OVOX is committed to paying you here and now appropriately for the work you are doing here and now. We pay the same work with equal salary. Work = Performance * Time. OVOX does not expect  o n e  person with  o n e  salary to do the work of  t h r e e. We promise you not the meaning, but the maintenance of your life. Anyone who works full-time at OVOX can live on his/her salary.

  10. OVOX does not give you the meaning of your life and you do not have to give you life to OVOX . OVOX does not have to be the only content of your life. We expect you fully commit your working hours to OVOX as contracted. OVOX expects you to work for OVOX during your work time and provide the agreed service. Because for the money you get from OVOX , OVOX gets your work.
    Money = Labor
    Labor = Performance * Time.

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