Innovative OVOX-Engineering

Information technology has moved into all technical devices. Our everyday life is characterized by digital information and communication. Software, microcontrollers and displays are a must for any device. Even the toothbrush no longer comes without microcontroller and software.

This ever-increasing proportion of software in all areas of life and all technical devices also requires changes in the development of these devices. Interfaces, compliance with standards, functional safety of the products or decisions about whether a function shall be implemented in hardware, software or as a hybrid solution require in-depth knowledge about hardware, software and the respective problem domain.

The topics of driver assistance systems, autonomous and semi-autonomous driving as well as interlinked vehicles play an increasingly important role in the automotive industry. By 2025 all well-known German automakers want to establish self-driving vehicles on the market. For this purpose, all control units involved in autonomous driving must be newly developed and new control units have to be designed.

We support our customers in the areas of requirements analysis and requirements management, functional safety, automotive SPICE and system engineering.

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