Software Requirements Engineering

For successful implementation of a software project, the software designers, developers and architects must know which functions the completed system shall include and how they shall work exactly. For this purpose, the requirements are recorded and documented.

The stakeholder is a very important term in requirements engineering. A stakeholder is a person or organization that has an influence on the requirements of a system. Therefore, stakeholders are the most important source of requirements.

Especially software systems are subject to frequent changes. Therefore, it is particularly important not only to record and document requirements, but also to assign them to the different versions of the software. For this, you need a well-defined configuration management to create versions of the requirement documents. In this way, one version of the requirement documents can be assigned to a version of the software to be created.

In recent years, agile methods have more and more prevailed in software projects. Therefore software projects need agile requirements engineering, such as the story cards, which Kent Beck, an American software developer and author, has presented for the first time in his book "Extreme Programming".

Whether classic or agile: with software requirements engineering and management from OVOX, you are on the right track.

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