Coaching reduces the obstacles to problem acceptance and helps to minimize resistance to changes. Solutions, which we develop on our own, are better accepted by ourselves. This applies to individuals, teams and even entire companies.

Finding problem solving is a whole process chain:

  • Identify the problem
  • Accept the problem
  • Recognize how far you are involved in the problem
  • Accepting your own role in the problem
  • finding solutions
  • Solution Implementation

The higher acceptance of the self-found solutions has its roots in the fact that the individual has already overcome most of the hurdles during solution of the problem. In addition, the self-developed solution is one's own and not something prescribed by "Above".

Unlike the consultant, the coach does not produce any work results. He himself makes no suggestions for solutions. Instead, he accompanies the team or the individual in the process of solving the problem. Using a structured approach, he leads through the individual phases of the process and thus helps to find the solution. During the process, each individual and the group evolve automatically. As a result, the developed solutions are subsequently implemented by the individual and the group.

OVOX-coaches accompany your team in all difficult project situations, as well as in finding into new roles or into new working environments.

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