Software Tools

Software Aided Engineering is a term that emerged in the 1980s. With CAD and CAE the work of mechanical engineers and civil engineers as well as electrical engineers changed massively. These software tools replaced the drawing board and the ink pen.

Today the software engineer is doing the same. Before he used to sit at the green or amber 12-inch monochrome monitor and typed program code into the computer, behind him a paper wall with the data model or the model of his database. Translating the software lasted a whole night.

Nowadays the software engineer sits behind several 27-inch flat screens and works parallel on the model and the source code. He can see the result of the changes he has just made on the third monitor. He runs the test tool on the changed software and when it is working fine, he checks in the changed source code and the modified model into source code management and puts a version label on it. In the ticket system, the error ticket is processed and forwarded to the system tester.

As you can see, the development process has become complex. And what you have just read is only a small part of a complete development process. This does no longer work without software support.

OVOX helps you define the process that best fits to your needs and helps you to select and implement the right tools.

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